Please contact our D.J directly if there is any special instruction you wish to add to our non-exhaustive list on the left.

Customer Charter

StarsoundUK operate with the strict aherence to our own 10 point customer charter giving clients the re-assurance that we provide a first class professional service

1. We will not sub-contract our bookings to third parties

2. All clients booking directly can download a contract

3. Our D.J will not be accompanied by an entourage of other people

4. Our D.J will be smartly attired

5. Our D.J will not consume alcohol at the event

6. Our D.J will remain courteous and professional throughout

7. The D.J will not help himself to any food without express permission/invitation from the host/s

8. Client details will remain secure and discreet at all times

9. Our D.J will accomodate all music requests whenever possible

10. Our DJ will finish when the venue has stipulated